Newmariner Knotwork

Combining the best of tradition and technology

Bracelets w Magnetic clasps

I use a palette of 16 different colors of twine and have over 100 combinations that I make bracelets in so please just email me your color choices as it is impossible to display them all.

Braids are known to most cultures worldwide. Wherever people have spun fiber into threads they have twisted woven and braided those threads. I use nylon twine to make my braids of 4,6 and 10 strands.



Price: 3 strand $8.00

5 strand $10.00

Josephine $12.00

To Contact Newmariner Knotwork it is best to call :

Phone: 508-776-2440


Text Box: Braided and knotted bracelets with magnetic clasps: left to right - 3 strand 2 color, 5 strand 2 color, Josephine 2 color

Navy and white 3 strand