Newmariner Knotwork

Combining the best of tradition and technology

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Price: $8.00-$12.00

Below are the standard products which I normally bring to fine craft shows. I always take special requests and custom work as I love the challenge of bringing something unique and special to a space.

Text Box: Newmariner’s beautifully braided bracelets and double carrick bracelets are simple items based on centuries old designs excecuted in colors. They make a wonderful compliment to both casual and elegant dress.


Price: $10.00-$14.00

The Ocean Mat, Thump Mat, and 4 bight Turk’s Head Barrettes.


Price: $20.00-$25.00

Amazing what sailors made with a short piece of rope! These whisks are still useful anywhere a little sweep is appreciated.

Sailor’s whisk

Price: $3.00-$6.00

Text Box: The monkey’s fist, Decorative Monkey’s fist, and the Portuguese braid all make great grips for zippers, shades, keys, and light pull switches.

Zipper Pulls

Price: $45.00

Glass vases protected and decorated with colored nylon twine.

Cox combed Vases

Price: $125.00—$265.00

Single strand turk’s head baskets with wood bottom made in a natural varnish finish and in colored nylon.

Turk’s Head Baskets

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Price: $105.00

Many decorative knots are used for covering cylindrical objects Turks heads, diamond knots, fancy hitching, as well as the 8 strand ball cover .

Old salt Walking Stick