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Chris has been tying knots since he learned to sail and rig a boat on Lewis bay at age 8. His Mother owned and operated a needlework shop all the while he was growing up so he was surrounded by fiber art of various sorts.


He attended a maritime college where he was an assistant curator at the museum; there he was first introduced to the fine art of marlinespike work. 


After exploring this folk art over the years and receiving many compliments on his work as well as finding like minded people in the International Guild of Knot Tyers he decided to bring Marlinespike Art into the 21st century through the use of colors and modern materials. “Although the traditional materials which I use provide a subtle beauty which many appreciate, a multi-colored knot can make the design inherent in a knot look absolutely modern”.


Chris does custom work on yachts, working boats, historical boats, and in homes as well as a craft show circuit. He uses both traditional fiber as well as newer materials, “it really just depends on the desired use and finishing”. “Most of my ideas come from my clients, I am always looking for new items and ideas to create or decorate useful items.”

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